Bob Mundy -- Love to me



Something Beautiful Preview

by Bob Mundy

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In this debut album of love and longing released in 2014, Mundy moves through the looking glass to unlock a world of pure imagination. His message is simple yet timeless. Connect. Only Connect!


Vocals: Bob Mundy

Piano: Dan Kaufman

Bass: Peter Slavov

Drums: Alex Kautz

Guitar: Lage Lund

Trumpet: Dominick Farinacci


Produced by:  Bob Mundy

Co-Produced by: Dan Kaufman

Arrangements by:  Dan Kaufman & Bob Mundy

Instrumental Arrangements by:  Dan Kaufman

Vocal Arrangements by:  Bob Mundy

Musical Direction by: Dan Kaufman

Engineered by: Peter Carl

Mixed by: Randy Ingram

Mastered by: Michael Perez-Cisneros

Recorded at Peter Carl Studio, Brooklyn, NY


Album Photography (Front & back): Andrea Blanch