Bob Mundy -- Love to me



For Your Consideration

“Love To Me” is Bob Mundy's follow up to his 1st album "Something Beautiful". It's a smart & alluring look at the kaleidoscopic and contradictory allure of Love and features new music from Steven Cagan, Chris Caswell & Phil Galdston!

The album reunites Bob with Dan Kaufman on piano, Peter Slavov on Bass, Dominick Farinacci on Trumpet & Lage Lund on Electric Guitar and also features Joel Frahm on Tenor Sax, Sean Harkness on Acoustic Guitar, Mark Ferber on Drums, Sam Sadigursky on Tenor & Soprano Sax, Keita Ogawa on Percussion & Yves Dharamraj on Cello.

Whether you are in-love, in-between love or simply have no time for love, “Love to Me” has something for everyone!

For your consideration in the category BEST JAZZ VOCAL ALBUM.